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Thushara Roofing

We are one of the leading processors of Zink - Aluminium Roofing sheets and Roofing Accessories and a pioneer in designing and Fabricating Steel Structures and undertaking Civil Contracts.
We are the CIDA registered (C-03 for Buildings and EM-02 for steel fabrications) and ISO (9001:2015 / SLS ISO 9001:2015) certified group of Company and following are our s companies

▪ All types of civil constructions
▪ All types of steel constructions
▪ All types of aluminum fabrications
▪ Aluminum extrusion
▪ Roofing sheets
▪ Roofing tiles
▪ Roofing accessories
▪ Gutters / Down pipes
▪ Cladding sheets
▪ Ceilings
▪ Lipped channels

We use pre-painted AZ 150 Zinc–Aluminium, Grade 550, High Tensile sheets as raw materials to process our Roofing Sheets & Roofing Accessories which are mainly imported from Union Steel - Korea.

Thushara Aluminium

Thushara Aluminium undertakes supplying of Aluminium, Glass and Accessories as well as Aluminium fabrications. We also operate the franchise dealership of ALUMEX Aluminium Extrusions in Kurunegala. Our aspiration is to be a trend setter in processing, supplying and fabricating Aluminium Doors, Windows, Partitions, Ceilings and Cladding works.

Our Product Range
▪ Shop Fronts
▪ Partitions
▪ Sliding Doors
▪ Swing Doors
▪ Curtain Walls
▪ Casement Windows
▪ Double Glazed Windows
▪ Turn and Tilt & Pivoted Windows
▪ Windows for Low-Cost Housing
▪ Sliding Folding Doors/ Windows